Remote Assistance

Ad-Hoc Server Administration


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Remote Computer Repair


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Server Auditing

Full Server Auditing


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MySQL Recovery

Has a single unsheduled reboot or outage in the DC caused issues in your Mysql service. We will help you to recover your DB's back to good health


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Server Hardening

Full Server Hardening


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Server Migration Support

Are you needing to migrate your server/data with full or minimal access to the source from one destination to another?


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Server Optmization

Avoid unwanted downtime for your servers and domains. Let us tune and tweak your server to match your domain requirements and optimize all major running services. Tuning services will result in the proper utilization and allocation of resources.


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ISP Support

Server Builds 24/7 service monitoring Ticketing tool Support, Server Hardening Services Optimization Abuse Handling Mitigating DDOS Attacks Instant Server Reboot Supporting L1-L3 issues


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Server Monitoring and Response

24 / 7 Server Monitoring 15 min Guaranteed response time Critical service monitor Instant Service Restart Instant Server Reboot Immediate Escalation To DataCenter


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