Gaming Infrastructure Update

Monday, February 26, 2018

Two days ago we announced internally that major infrastructure upgrade were taking place and we are delighted to inform you that we have now fully completed our migration from the old platform to the new one!

During this process we had zero downtime in the switch over and have now increased our infrastructure speed by 10x with Multiple SSD Drives and a brand new 100GBps DDoS Protection system within our new arbor boxes, some of the most effective DDoS Protection on the market, mitigating on all layers plus more.

So you can now sit back and enjoy a seamless game or voice communication whatever time of day it is!

Please be advised that if you havent updated your A Records (if you used them i.e and it was pointing to our old IP Address This will no longer operate as this server is now offline.

You will need to use the new ip address which if you are a client can be obtained from your client area or via support.

We advise setting up an A record to point towards this in your DNS (if you have it) to allow easier access to your players/peers when connecting to your service as it doesnt matter then what ip address your service operates on you can simply update the DNS record and the player/peer will connect to your new service - We provide hosting services here should you require it.

We will also be undertaking a major change to the website in the coming weeks to update the look and feel and make everything as seamless as possible.

We have also decided to reduce all of our game server pricing* to just 29p per slot!!! Go check them out today !

Should you have any questions or concerns, VAU Support will be happy to assist you in any way they can

VAU Networks Team

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