Adios, VAU Gaming!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

After a long, wild ride of supplying and supporting incredible services at affordable prices to the international gaming communities. We ("VAU Networks Ltd") have made the executive decision to suspend all future gaming services and provisions through VAU Gaming for the immediate foreseeable future.

We understand this may have come to a shock to many of you, this was not a decision that has been taken lightly. We must state that we may reconsider re-generating the gaming side at a later date (Still to confirm). Through the 5 Years of actively operating VAU Gaming as a subsidiary to VAU Networks Ltd. We are incredibly appreciative of the clients we have supported during this time period and the experience that we have gained as a result!

During the end of year (2018) VAU Networks Ltd board meeting. The company structure and products were reviewed and it was deemed viable to follow through with the action of disbanding VAU Gaming for the foreseeable future to enable us to focus more on the main brand. If you are a client of VAU Gaming, you do not have to worry. Your account has been automatically converted to a legacy account and we will continue to supply services and billing as normal. As for the future clients, we apologise that we have suspended actively providing these services. However, We will be continuing to actively provision TeamSpeak servers on our main website VAU Networks.

VAU Networks Team

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