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No steam account token - GMOD

If your server is stating :
No Steam account token was specified. *
* Logging into anonymous game server account. *
* Connections will be restricted to LAN only.

You need to obtain a GSLT.

Recently Valve /steam updated gmod to use the same GSLT system as CSGO in order for you to share it online and not be locked to a lan only server.

in order to operate a GMOD server you will need a Steam Game Server Login Token (GSLT) which can be obtained here:

  • The first field should always be set to 4000 for Garry's Mod.
  • The second field can be anything that will help you identify the specific server in a list of other Steam Game Server Accounts.

Then press Create.

generate the game server token then add the following line to your "gmod/cfg/server.cfg".

sv_setsteamaccount "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"

If the line is already on your server then simply just replace the YOUR_TOKEN_HERE with the token you have just generated.

Then save the config file update and restart your server

It should now connect to steam with the Token and you can access your game online.

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