Merry VAU-Mas and a Very happy 2017! - Our year in overview!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

As another year draws to a close we would like to thank you for your continued trust and custom to your VAU Networks family.

During this year a lot of major changes have taken place to improve and optimize the content, products/services and experience you receive with VAU Networks and we would like to explain just what has been happening over this year.


  • One of the Biggest updates was the Major Merger of all of our departments VAU Hosting, VAU Gaming, VAU Telecoms, VAU Business, VAU Broadband all into ONE.. Easy to use, Sleek , Smooth and more Professionally visual website eradicating any confusion of what services we provide and unnecessary need to hop from website to website to locate exactly what you are looking for! We initially set out a project of 6 months for this merger both back end and front end, but to our surprise we actually completed and launched it in just under TWO WEEKS!
  • Our second biggest update was the “#Blackout” as we migrated all of our servers manually from our Newcastle Datacentre to our new London Telecity Datacentre since the switch we have noticed a dramatic improvement in ping times to and from our network on our 56 GB/s Fibre Optic Infrastructure. Meaning you can now browse, chat, talk and play even faster and smoother than ever before!
  • Increased security on servers, network and your very own client area. We have changed more of our in-house protocols in dealing with and handling client communications and in turn after much discussion with the whole team we have implanted second layer security pins on the client area after login to give you more peace of mind that your client area is only accessible to you even if someone manages to acquire your username and password. We have also added our new Support PIN feature to make contacting support even easier which will be going live early 2017 so be sure to keep a look out for that! We have also released our Free Strong Password Generator which can be found here .
  • Customisations are everywhere. With more menu options on your client area to access new and improved features and services. We have updated the code on our Free Desktop Gaming Console to help you configure your game service without the need to constantly login to your control panel. The Gaming control panel has been tidied up and looks smarter with a matching colour scheme and custom layouts to match the Parent site. We have also included a new “Close Account” Feature which is now available on your billing account should you for any reason no longer wish to hold a VAU Networks Account Registration.
  • FREE SSL Certificates for everyone* We have partnered with Lets Encrypt to provide all Silver, Gold and Sapphire Hosting Packages with FREE Auto-Renewing SSL Certificates. These are already applied to your domain simply access your website via https instead of http.
  • As our support department grows and our client base increase we have set in motion quite a number of changes to happen in 2017 inclusive of completely dedicated separate support departments solely working on and focussing on specific products/services so you will no longer be passed to a gaming department analyst if you have a webhosting query. You will be assigned to the correct department the first time round and have your issues resolved even quicker than we already do! Along with this we have also launched our YouTube Tutorials/Self Help Channel and will be concentrating on adding all the tutorials relating to every aspect of our services onto this channel for you to refer to if you are a hands on kind of person. 
  • In the upcoming year we will be reviewing all of our products and services and re-structure our company based on more business focussed services, We have already actively retired our Minecraft service publically but still continue to serve our legacy clients and we will be reviewing all gaming, hosting, branding services over the coming few months to allow for fresher newer products/services inclusive of our  Residential and Business Telephony Services, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting Servers, More VPS ability inclusive of Windows Server Hosting and Both Fixed/Leased line Broadband for Residential and Business and Wireless AP Broadband for residential and business.


We have undertaken quite an extensive amount of upgrades, updates, reviews, changes since our conception and all staff inclusive of the director and founder Chris Kendall are still 100% Voluntary! If you would like to find out what positions are available on the VAU Networks Team then please do check out our careers section!

VAU Networks Ltd believes in trying to make a change in the way that online businesses operate and in the coming months will also be obtaining ISO Standards and Further awards for our unprecedented work we have done thus far.

We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you again for considering VAU Networks as your premier service provider and we wish you a Very merry Festive period! We look forwards to continuing to serve your needs and expansion in 2017 and for many more to come!

All the Best
VAU Networks Team



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