Exciting Updates and Changes!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

  • Hello One and All!

    Lots of things have been changing since the clock struck midnight into 2017!


    - IPv6 is fully functional within our entire network and you can now obtain IPv6 addresses for your services by request!
    - Implemented the use of PHP7.0 into our Hosting Network for faster and more load balanced services!
    - Implementation of PHP Changer and PHP INI Editor directly from your Hosting Panel so you can control what versions you operate on at the click of a button!
    - New Bugs and Features area which can be found in the footer menu of the main website where you can review and report bugs and feature requests with ease!
    - Strike(s) Count Viewer now visible from your "Edit My Details" Section.
    - Implemented further network improvements to enhance the resoloution rates of our services and speed of our network in preperation for VAU Broadband!


    - We are excited to announce our 4 Brand New Webhosting Plans! Our VAU Startup, VAU Business, VAU Enterprise Plans are chocked full of delicious resources perfect for all types of online business! (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Sapphire Plans are now Retired in preference of the new plans.)
    - Not satisfied with the Resources included in the Set plans? No worries! You can now create your very own Custom Hosting Plan, Using our D.I.Y Hosting Package Creator.
    - Ability to add Dedicated IP's to Hosting and Gaming Services.
    - We are delighted to release our publically available Telecoms service (VOIP) with completely free VoIP Accounts and Pay As You Call Plans! with Minute plans being developed for release shortly.


    - Completely re-designed the Billing Area and Orderforms making your visit even more fluid than it already is along with cool new features to discover as you navigate your way around!
    - Brand New Website Design to Enhance visitor experience and expectations
    - VAU Broadband - Residential and Business Leased Line and Wireless

    Join VAU Networks and improve your own business 10 fold!

    Check out our website now https://www.VAUNetworks.com and get started today!

    Still unsure? Check out our client reviews on our Trustpilot page !

    Become a member of our family and not a customer like other businesses!

    Kindest Regards,
    VAU Networks Team

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