Important changes to business operations.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So what is changing?

Web Hosting
Our Old Hosting plans "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold" and "Sapphire" have been replaced by our newest plans "VAU Startup", "VAU Business" and "VAU Enterprise" with the ability to now select payment on a Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and Bi-Annually basis with a minimum of 3 months subscription on all new plans!
In the coming weeks all clients on the old plans will need to make a decision on which plan suits their needs and migrate to one of the new plans; As the old ones have been retired and will be permenantly removed from the system.
Those that are on our old plans have already been contacted.

Removal of Paypal

We have discussed in depth the best way to progress and to conduct business and we have made the decision to pull our paypal payment gateway in favour of our Stripe Gateway.
With our new Gateway you can pay via Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay, Over the Phone, Direct Debit and also still pay via Bank transfer if the need arises.
With lower fees and more security and stability on both client and company sides this was a no brainer. Those subscribed via paypal are advised to contact ourselves to discuss the new payment options.

Due Date Change
We will be rolling out billing due date changes in the coming months to set all new orders and all current clients to th 12th of each month for their payment due dates, This unfortunately will be non negotiable and will enable for better expansion of the services, Network, systems and budgets.

New Finance Director
We would like to introduce you all to our latest staff Member and soon to be Finance Director "Scott Stewart" whom is also our new accountant and will be dealing with accounting and billing issues in the back office and in the frontline, in the coming months we will be increasing our Business to Business services by offering accounting, Auto-enrolement and taxation services.

Gateway Fee
You may have noticed there is now a gateway fee present on orderforms of 4%. This is the cost to us of paying via any of our gateways online, as a company we cannot absorb the cost of sale for each and every client that orders services so to inkeep with official and professional standards this is now client side required.

New Website
We are always working hard on improvements and making things easier for you as a member of our family and in order to do this we are focussing hard on our brand new website design which we hope to have live within the next 2 weeks (hopefully).
This design is alot cleaner, more responsive and easier to navigate making things easier to find...Quicker.
With this in mind we will be removing all gaming and voice services from our website and putting all Gaming and Voice services back onto to keep the two entities seperate from one another. Support chat will be unavailable on the New VAU Gaming website and Clients with game services will be unable to request support via but ticket and phone support will still be available to them.

Removal of Services
With the company restructure, we have looked long, and hard, at all of our services and have removed a significant amount of services on our new website to focus more on Business to Business operations.
Radio Streaming has been made a legacy service, several games have been removed, such as ARMA3, RUST, Terraria, Minecraft, HalfLife, and Mumble leaving only quality gaming services, in which we specialise in, to be able to provide efficient and responsive support.

Server and ISP Support
We have added new services onto our new website design (soon to be released) focussing on ISP and Datacenter companies, corporate entities and server based service providers enabling our tech team to be outsourced in your time of need when it comes to server maintenance, installations, repair, disaster recovery and Datacenter and ISP Support.

If you have any questions or concerns about these updates, Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team, that are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week!

VAU Networks Team

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